Bank Deposit Authorization
Please print this page,fill-out and fax it along with
a) Copy of check
b) Photo-copy of Driver's License of the Check Holder

hereby authorize Expressway Travel to issue the tickets for which I'm making the payment. I have read, understood and agree to Expressway Travel's policies posted at I understand that a Travel network or a major airline carrier name will appear on my credit card statement. I have reviewed the itinerary and understood the penalties associated with change, cancellation and no show for this itinerary/airlines for which I am making the payment. I understand that for cancellation or date change outside Expressway Travel office hours or in the event I am unable to reach Expressway Travel I will go to Airport check in counter 3 hours prior to flight departure time and take care of changes or cancellation. I understand that if all passengers listed in itinerary does not show up at airport during check-in time then there will be no refund. I do understand that tickets might be non-refundable and I agree to abide by the airline fare rules and will not hold Expressway Travel responsible in any way. I am responsible for selecting Airlines/Carrier. I understand Expressway Travel does not provide transit/destination visa guidance and does not guarantee seat assignment, meals, special assistance, bassinet, wheel chair, baggage allowances and frequent flier miles. This authorization form signed by me and faxed to Expressway Travel is my authorization to my Bank to pay the below mentioned amount to Expressway Travel, 101 Parkshore Drive, Suite #168, Folsom, CA 95630. I understand this authorization will be used to obtain funds using an Electronic fund transfers/check presentment process for the amount authorized. I'm aware if the Bank rejects my check for insufficient funds in regards this authorization, I will be liable to the maximum collection fees allowed by the laws of the state of residence in addition to the amount authorized by me.

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